When You Buy Tires, Do New Tires Come Up With Rims?

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To attract customers, online tire sellers often post pictures with tires and rims at an average cost that includes only tires. So, many customers place an order expecting to receive everything that appears in the photo. However, when you buy tires, does it come with rims? 

This article will reveal the best answer, do tires come with rims? Let’s read to become a successful shoppers.

When Do You Need To Buy New Tires Or New Rims?

You need to replace your tires or rims when there are signs of damage or when you use them for a long time (usually from 6 months to 10 years without wear and tear concerns), based on the recommendations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is unnecessary to replace rims, wheels, and hubcaps at once. However, here are some cases you should check your tires or rims and replace them if necessary.

When Do You Need To Buy New Tires?

Look at the tire bead, and tread depth of your tires – the outer edge of the wheel to see when you need to buy other tires. If the tread has become worn or you have been using this tire for a long time with long trips, consider replacing it with a new tire!

You can use a cent and place it in the groove with Lincoln facing down and toward you to determine how much tread is still on your tires. You definitely need new tires if you can see the entire top of its head.

Penny Tire test
Penny Tire test

Besides the reasons for the damaged or worn tires, some people just replace their tires because of their interests and purposes. For instance, customers use different tires each season, such as snow tires, all-season tires, winter tires, and summer tires. Besides, to suit their places, divers also like to buy low-profile tires, rubber tires, Chevrolet tires, run-flat tires, and balance tires.

When Do You Need To Buy New Rims?

Unlike tires, you do not need to change rims unless there are signs of damage by a car crash or hitting a curb or pothole. Then, you can conduct a visual inspection to decide. 

In case you often drive in wet environments or icy roads such as the coast or have used the car for a long time, consider buying new steel wheels.

If your car usually loses tire pressure without any sign of tire damage, you should check your rims because unqualified rims can lead to this phenomenon.

Or, your steering wheel usually shakes when driving; you also need to check your rims. 

Do New Tires Come Up With Rims

When You Buy Tires, Does It Come With Rims?

The answer is NO.

Although the images on the tires website always have rims, in reality, tires often don’t come with rims. To learn more about do tires come with rims, read the sections below for more information on the three types of tires on sale.

Do New Tires Come Up With Rims?


Unless there’s a tire packages option to include tires and rims set up by tire, rims, and auto repair stores, generally, when you buy new tires, your order will only include tires because the customer assembles new tires with existing rims. 

Therefore, the tire order will only include your new tires and tire warranty paper.

Do used tires come up with rims?


It is up to the person who posts to sell a used tire product, whether tires come with rims.

Used auto parts stores will sell tires in the same way that stores sell new products. You will only receive the tire if no tires and rims package is specified.

Online tire sellers who want to liquidate a spare tire will most likely give away rims when selling tires. Most people, not technicians, will find it difficult to remove the rim from the class as the technicians at the store.

Do Spare Tires Come Up With Rims?


A spare tire is used in case the vehicle breaks down suddenly on the road, so pre-installing tires and rims are necessary.

Because tire installation is a matter of expertise, it is difficult for an ordinary person, not a technician, to complete it under normal conditions, let alone in an emergency—in the middle of the road.

Can Buyers Use New Tires With Old Rims?


The quality of your rims is still good, so it is completely normal to reuse them. But if your old rim has been damaged or worn and is unusable, consider replacing the whole set, as new tires can’t hold air pressure once the rim is damaged.

Ways To Buy The Right Set Of Tires And Rims

Although rims usually don’t come with tires, if you need to replace the whole set, that’s OK. But make sure you choose the right set.

Identify The Right Types Of Tires And Rims

Different tread patterns are used in tire design, and each is intended for a certain set of driving habits and road conditions. Directional, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and directional/asymmetrical tread patterns are the four different forms of tire tread.

About rims, you need to check out your wheels’ serial number, which is located within the rim (under your rim tape). The seven-digit number that generally begins with a “1” or “2” is serial.


The cost of rims and tire packages may depend on various criteria. These include:

  • Whether they are forged or cast.
  • Whether they are composed of one, two, or even three pieces.
  • Whether they are produced to order or are off the shelf.
  • What is their size?.

Sometimes, you can get a discount tire on sale, but rims are not included.

Other Factors

  • If you choose to buy a set, it will be more straightforward. You need to tell sellers the type of rims, tire size, brands of tires, and type of tires. The technicians will help you choose tires and rims to fit your requirements.
  • You already have rims and want to buy tires or just want to change tires for aesthetic purposes, so you need to pay attention to factors such as Wheel Diameter, Wheel Width, Offset, Bolt Pattern, Load Rating, and Center Bore to buy the right tires.


If you want to buy all the sets of tires and rims, you need to look for a place that offers that option. Or, you can buy two products separately. Besides, make sure the tires and rims match regardless of whether you buy both new or use new tires for the old rims.

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