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Services and maintenance shops that cover wheel alignment are not that rare; you can spot one easily in any neighborhood. 

What discourages many of my fellow vehicle owners, however, is the price; not many are willing to spend more than $50 (or worse, $100) for a seemingly basic car maintenance task.

So what to do, then? Which are the cheapest and most affordable places to do alignment near me? Keep scrolling; as an experienced driver, I sure have a lot to share with you all.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Near Me Usually Cost?

Wheel alignment typically charges from $50 onward. Sometimes, they even raise as high as $168.

Of course, like any car service and product, there’s no way these numbers stay fixed. Each service provider and dealer has its own way of aligning staff and chosen methods; plus, customer demands are also pretty diverse. 

All in all, these three critical factors have quite a huge role in dictating the average cost: 

Number of Aligned Wheels

Experts recommend doing all four wheels (which cost about $100 to $168), but you can process two at a time – for instance, front-end alignments involving only two wheels at the front. In this case, automotive technicians only charge you $50 to $75.

Car Type

Here’s a rule of thumb: expensive car – expensive service – expensive everything. 

Why is that? Simple: Higher-end vehicles require more specialized equipment to tackle intricate and complex engineering designs. Call me a coward or whatever, but that’s why I only stick to mid-range, affordable cars like my 2010 Toyota Camry and  2012 Subaru Outback for decades. 

Extra Services

Nobody wants to spend more budget than necessary: I get it. Still, how can one be absolutely certain their car ONLY needs wheel alignments? It’s hard to tell. 

In most cases, while examining the vehicle, experts also dig out a lot of other issues that need to be addressed, raising the additional service charge even higher. 

That happened to me quite a few times; I dropped by for a quick wheel alignment, only to end up paying extra money for suspension repairs and transmission upgrades as well.

Where Can I Find a $40 Wheel Alignment Near Me?

benefits of alignment

Here comes the most awaited part. Like most tight-budget customers out there, I have strived to find a cheap alignment shop that still delivers good service quality. And these auto shops are my all-time favorites: 

1. Elite Tire

  • Location: N.J. Area, Byram Township

This auto care center offers $40 deals on alignments that cover full inspections of the vehicle suspension. Amazing, isn’t it? My old Honda got tons of maintenance upkeep with a price wayyy lower than most places.

The staff from Elite Automotive & Tire Center also leaves a great impression on me. Knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated, they always ensure I leave their chains of stores feeling utterly satisfied. 

2. Mercedes North Olmsted

  • Location: OH 44070, North Olmsted (U.S.) 28450 Lorain Road

Another rare service that aligns car wheels at only $40. ($39.95, to be exact). 

Like Elite Tire, its alignment deals also include suspension inspection and other relevant labor. And in the unwanted case that you have to leave your car here for long periods (say, a week), no worries. The shop used to let me borrow their vehicle for free.

3. LowCountry Equipment

  • Location: SC 29488, Walterboro, 1617 Bell Hwy

Cheap does not always go with low quality, and LowCountry is among the few that live up to that sentiment.

Aside from efficient and neat car alignment at $40, the brand prides itself on a dedicated customer support team – who has the right answers to literally everything I ask. 

Extra 1: Expert Alignment Coupons/ Discounts on Wheel Alignments

I know that not all of my readers live in Byram Township, Walterboro, or North Olmsted; thus, the essential store services above are not always available to everyone. What to do, then?

It’s time to count on coupons and auto service discounts. Sometimes, expensive car services offer super cool deals for a limited time (for instance, one week), so you must snatch your chances as quickly as possible. 

My favorite website to spot good coupons is I only need to make my account, type in the location, then search “wheel alignment”. And bam; I got my hands on all the best deals.

Still feel at a loss? Well, then, keeping your eyes out on Car Guys LLC and Marv and Mike is a good start. Originally priced at $50 to $80, these two shops do offer $40 deals from time to time. Do not miss that.

Extra 2: Deals Below 50$

40$ wheel alignment checks are like diamonds – they are rare. So why not settle on something between 40$ and 50$ instead? I know that does not seem like a tempting option to some people, but hey, it’s still a thousand time better than paying $168:

  • Walmart ($50) – $10 more than my desired $40, but still more than great enough.
  • Mr.Tire ($50) – It’s similar to Walmart in both quality and price ranges
  • J and M ($49) – J&M sometimes grants their customers 50% coupons (for the original price of $99).

Tips to Find A Cheap Yet Certified Mechanic Near Me For Routine Wheel Alignment

Do Your Online Research

My all-time favorite motto: The Internet is my best friend. There’s no greater starting place than a Google search bar.

And it would be best to start searching from your neighborhood first. I don’t know about you, but driving two hours just to get a cheap wheel alignment cost is insane. With three kids to raise, I don’t have that much time to throw out the window.

Seek Mechanic Recommendations and Reviews

Cheap is great, cheap is cool. But quality should still be among your priorities. What’s the point of finding a mechanic offering $30 alignment procedures if you have to spend double that amount fixing his wrongdoings?

Time to count on your network. I myself often ask my family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors where they usually take their vehicles for upgrades. 

And I even jot down what they dislike or like about certain alignment appointments, then compare those reports to online reviews. That’s why my car has always been in good hands without costing me an arm and a leg.

Look for Service Discounts or Discounted Gift Cards 

Remember the page I just talked about? Always use this website to keep tabs on the latest coupons, Egift card updates, and wheel alignment deals.

You may also follow the tire shop’s official website or social accounts, which will send subscribers instant updates and newsletters on their most recent discount programs. 

Can I Fix Bad Alignment Issues On My Own?

Yes, you can technically correct improper wheel alignment issues by yourself. But the entire process is a headache, with a lot of car pushing, rolling, and even Maths involved. Not to mention, the expenses for equipment, measurement tools, etc., are surely not cheap.

So unless you are a competent technician and have all day to yourself, I suggest just taking the car to an alignment shop to avoid bad wheel alignment. 

When Do I Need Wheel Alignments? Symptoms of Cars That Need Alignment

tire alignment services

Every six months, or when your car has one of these symptoms – whichever comes first: 

  • Weird angle of wheels; the steering pivot does not stay straight
  • The car keeps veering to the side.
  • Violent vibrations
  • Crooked steering wheel/ the steering wheel does not centralize after turning
  • Squealing noises, noisy steering
  • Uneven wear; excessive wear; abnormal tire wear


Do I Need An Alignment After Replacing Tires?

No, but it would be great if you do so. Issues of misaligned wheels might still occur with brand-new tire installation.

How Long Does An Alignment Check Take? 

Twenty minutes to one hour, tops. Of course, more time might be needed if the suspension components have too much wear and tear, or tire rotation is required by experienced technicians, etc. 


While $40 is an awesome price tag for tire alignment, remember to keep quality in check using my tips above. And if you struggle to find a proper wheel alignment service, feel free to reach out to my customer service team or your vehicle manufacturer anytime.

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