What Does XL Mean On A Tire? XL Vs SL Tires

xl mean on a tire

If you’ve ever shopped for tires, you may have noticed that some tires have the letters “XL” stamped on the sidewall. Let’s take a closer look at these load range XL tires to see what makes them special and how they differ from regular passenger tires. What Are XL Tires? The term “XL” stands for … Read more

Tire Blowout: What Causes It & What You Should Do?

tire blowout

A blowout occurs when a tire suddenly bursts or loses air pressure, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Let’s review the steps you should take if you experience a tire blowout while driving. What Does A Blowout Sound And Feel Like? In the event of a tire blowout, you will normally hear … Read more

Service Tire Monitor System: Its Meaning & How To Fix/Reset

tire monitor system

Driving with damaged or underinflated tires can be extremely dangerous, leading to reduced handling and poor fuel economy. Fortunately, modern vehicles have several safety features, including the svc tire monitor system. But what does it mean? How is it related to your vehicle’s safety and maintenance? We will walk you through all you need to … Read more

What Does LT Mean On A Tire? LT Tires Pros And Cons

LT mean on a tire

If you’ve ever shopped for tires for your truck, you’ve probably come across tires with the letters “LT” on the sidewall. But what is the LT tire’s meaning, and how does it affect your choice? Let’s find out in this article! What Are LT Tires? LT stands for Light Truck, signified tires used on larger, … Read more

What Does M+S Mean On A Tire? M+S Tires Meaning

m+s mean on a tire

How do M+S tires affect car performance? Here is what you need to know about the M+S tires’ meaning, as well as their advantages, limitations in winter months, and how to choose them correctly. Let’s get started! What Is M+S On Tires? M+S stands for mud and snow. Certain all-weather tires have this marking on … Read more