Walmart Tire Warranty Policy: What Does It Cover?

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Tires are not a cheap investment, and vehicle owners often want them to last as long as possible. However, this part faces many risks because it comes into direct contact with the road surface and unexpected objects. Therefore, warranty policies are a great solution to save money on repair and maintenance.

In the automotive market, Walmart tire warranty stands out for its favorable terms for consumers. What exactly do you get? Scroll down for the answer.

Do Walmart Tires Have A Warranty?

Of course, yes. Its warranty policy includes two options: paid coverage (optional) and manufacturer support for design and material defects. Though some programs are valid for the lifetime of the tires, terms of conditions, such as tread depth, are often considered null and void after 25,000 miles.

Walmart Tire Road Hazard Warranty

This option costs you $10 per tire for individual services, including:

Flat repairs

The first service consists of punctures made by nails, shards of glass, or similar small sharp shards. Vehicle owners also get free assistance dealing with leaky valve bodies.

Unforeseen road hazards

This covers cases of punctured tires due to sharp objects but not negligent driving. In other words, you never get compensation for lousy handling, such as driving over barriers or curbs.

Non-repairable punctures

Sometimes the mechanics cannot do anything about large holes or those near sidewalls. Luckily, according to this policy, you do not have to spend a fortune on a new tire and might get it for free in some cases.

Note that the actual payoff may vary due to your location. Some state stores charge $14 per part.

Lifetime Balance And Rotation

Balance And Rotation

As the name implies, this program covers the necessary maintenance for your vehicle. In addition to the two basic services, the mechanic also performs a leak and wear test. All these actions ensure good condition and prolong the tire’s lifespan. It is well worth the $14 to benefit from a comprehensive routine.

How Does Walmart Warranty Work?

Terms And Conditions

Walmart only considers the following cases to conduct warranty policy:

  • You are the original purchaser or owner of the tire.
  • You are the owner of the vehicle that is attached to the tires.
  • Your item has never been used on other vehicles.
  • You provide proof of purchase and warranty.
  • The prescribed warranty policy covers the current damages of your tires.

The Effective Time

Manufacturer warranties are usually for 1-2 years, depending on the brand. However, it loses most of the protection value after a short period of use because the tire no longer meets the standard condition.

In contrast, Walmart’s premium plans last for the entire tire lifespan or at least 25,000 miles, given the tread depth preserves 75% of the original pattern. Another case is when the owner decides to end the life of the old part and install a new one.

Unrepairable Damages

If you own new parts (meet the 75% tread depth rule), you receive a new replacement for those irreparable situations. The question is: under what circumstances is this term valid? Here are some examples, but it depends on the specific situation and the repairman’s decision. Keep in mind that any damage below should never result from bad driving habits.

Punctures near sidewalls

Prevent Tires From Getting Punctured

Drivers all know that sidewall punctures are beyond fixing. Patches do not work out as they fail to prevent air leaks. As a result, your tires cannot maintain their ultimate shape and performance and suffer from the risk of a tire blowout.

Big punctures

This is a similar problem to what happens in the calf wall. Tires with holes larger than ¼” or cuts through the groove cannot survive despite repair efforts.


This condition usually occurs after collisions with potholes, curbs, or hard objects, taking a toll on the rubber. The damage does not destroy the surface but disrupts the internal structure and inflates an affected area.


It is the end of a tire when an explosion occurs. Even experienced mechanics could not do any additional repairs to bring it back to life.

What Is Not Covered By Tire Warranty?

Pay attention to how you drive and maintain your tires because careless manners adversely affect tire quality and waste money on warranties. Simply put, service providers can refuse your request if they notice the following signs.

Abused tires

The lack of maintenance contributes to faster wear and tear than normal. Of course, you never get sympathy for such violent behaviors. Be careful with your driving habit because this is also deemed as improper maintenance.

Over or under inflation

In a word, this is also proof of your ignorance about your tires. If the mechanic finds out these secrets, your warranty is void. This category also implies the lack of the recommended periodic rotation and alignment.

Some unauthorized auto shops have worked with the tires before

Even in an emergency, try to reach an official auto center nearby. No matter how experienced, a local mechanic should not perform maintenance on your tire unless you ignore your warranty.


Many other things end the warranty, including but not limited to cases such as

  • The method of application is not suitable for the recommended uses, for example, road tires for off-road rides
  • Vandalism or racing
  • Being driven on while flat

How To File A Walmart Tire Warranty Claim

Walmart Tire Auto Care

Over The Phone

The easiest way to claim your warranty is to contact the customer care hotline at 1-800-925-6278. The system automatically forwards your calls to the local Auto Care Center, and a customer service representative then comes to take over your case.

You can schedule a maintenance appointment for the day or a certain time, depending on your timetable and the number of available slots.

On the downside, high demand may cause you to struggle to have a full conversation. A large corporation like Walmart often gets a ton of incoming calls, so the wait time for your turn is unpredictable.


A quick way to get support is to visit your nearest Walmart store to present your problem. The auto-care staff gives you the best advice on validity periods, damage cases, and remedies. You then proceed to file a claim on the spot. If it is good timing, you can get instant maintenance.

No matter which measure you take, it is important to prepare all the necessary paperwork, including purchase invoices or receipts, warranty documents, and proof of damage.

Take Advantage Of the Manufacturer’s Warranty For Material Damage

As noted above, the manufacturer’s warranty does not incur additional costs to the customer and is appliable on all tires purchased from Walmart. Time and coverage depend on the brand, but this policy covers manufacturing defects in the range of 40,000 – 50,000 miles.

Note that it is only valid for design defects and material that causes loss of quality. The standard warranty does not accept driver error, poor installation, maintenance, or road condition. Some typical cases include hip cracks or tread blocks peeling off due to substandard surface materials.

The process for program compensation is similar to Walmart’s fee-based services. Take your product and receipt to the Auto Car Center to establish a claim. Acting as an intermediary, Walmart processes your request as specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should consult the warranty documentation for terms and conditions before coming.

Walmart Tire Return Policy

Walmart accepts returns within 90 days of purchase for all items purchased at a physical store or website, except for snow tires. Prerequisites for this policy are unused parts, including mounting and installation. However, the supplier sometimes accepts manufacturing defects found in the early stage of usage.

The store manager is authorized to accept or reject return requests. While some stores are willing to look up the sale history without a requirement for proof of purchase, the lack of a receipt could result in rejection.

Even when you order online, take your product to the nearest store and stop by the customer service desk during business hours. The department in charge will issue a refund following the original payment method when your case is valid.

If you pay by check, Walmart returns your money in cash. You will receive a refund as a gift card for credit or debit cards that are no longer available or when you lost your purchase invoices.


How Do I Know That I’m Still Under Warranty?

Contact Walmart Auto Care Center and request a valid period of your warranty. You can also go to the nearest store and let the CS representative look up and provide the necessary information.

What Should I Do If Walmart Refuses My Warranty Claim?

It’s not the end! Some third-party agencies provide a solid legal foundation based on the information provided to help you turn the tide.

Is Walmart Tire Policy Worth My Money?

Yes. Walmart warranties are a long-term investment in your tires. This is especially significant when considering the maintenance and repair times during the service life.

Compared to other suppliers, Walmart also receives praise for its generous terms. For example, its programs apply throughout the tire lifetime, while Costco only lasts 5 years.


Walmart’s road hazard warranty policy is cost-effective insurance for your tires, while lifetime balance and rotation save you a significant amount of money during use. The investment is worth it when it comes to the total costs of tires for future services. However, the key to these benefits is proper usage and maintenance. Performing periodic inspections and upkeep is a must to receive support when tire failures appear.

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