How Much Does Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost? A Guide

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How can one skip Discount Tire whenever the topic of reputable maintenance shops is brought to the table? And frankly, I’m quite impressed with its rotation services, which promise longer intervals and a better lifespan than many other brands in the same sectors.

And what about the prices? How much is tire rotation at Discount Tire? As Discount’s devoted customers, I have quite a lot to share with you. Keep scrolling. 

How Much Does Tire Rotation Discount Tire Cost?

Any car owner purchasing Discount Tire tires will have their car rotated at ZERO cost. Otherwise, prepare $15 for each tire rotation appointment.

Although this policy is mostly applied to returning clients, I have heard quite a lot of stories in which they don’t charge first-time customers. A good deal, isn’t it? 

How about those who bought their rear tires at other tire shops instead of Discount Tire (like me)? Well, in that case, you can enjoy a lifetime tire maintenance program that includes:

All for $15 per tire – not to mention the discount programs!

Since my tires do not arrive with long road hazard warranties, I have long decided Discount Tire rotations are a great deal for me. 

After all, each of my tire sets is rotated about 10 times, requiring less than $8 per rotation. And given that tons of other services are also covered, who am I to complain that it’s expensive? 

Is There Any Downside?

Tire rotation pattern

I haven’t had any unpleasant experiences with the brand’s customer service, but some customers do complain about Discount Tire on its official website and customer review forums. 

More specifically, they claim that “free” services are not a thing with Discount Tire: the staff is allegedly always poking and prodding vehicles for non-existent issues to make more bucks. 

Are such accusations true? Maybe yes, but please note that not all locations are the same. 

Not only Discount Tire, but any similar label will have one bad apple among the bunch. Don’t let one grumpy employee taint your entire impression of the brand. 

Discount Tire Rotation Cost Comparison

A quick look at other similar shops will surely give you a more comprehensive overview of Discount Tire’s charges. It’s safe to say that Discount Tire falls into the middle range of the market’s offers:

Brand/Auto service centersRotation cost (per tire)
Firestone$20 (free for Firestone tires)
Pep Boys$14.99 (free for tires bought at Pep Boys)
Discount Tire$15 (free for tires bought at Discount Tire)
Valvoline$20 to $50
Costco$18 – $27
WalmartBasic: $5
Lifetime: $14
Jiffy Lube$10

Other Tire and Wheel Services At Discount Tire

Tire rotations are one of Discount Tire’s strongest points – and the key is “one of”. That’s right; aside from tire rotating, I was delighted to find an array of other wheel and tire services offered by its rotation experts, such as:

  • Alignment: Discount staff will adjust the wheel’s angles for better alignment to the floor. Thus, my car can drive straight and smoothly in all driving conditions, with even and consistent tread depth.
  • Tire Repair: Small, minor punctures/damage are also handled well by Discount Tire. It often replaces the valve stems or patches tire holes for me at a very affordable cost.
  • Wheel Refinishing: Quite similar to tire repairs but at a whole new level! Aside from usual fixes, the tires also have their old finish removed to give room for new paint coats. 

When and How Often to Rotate Tires?

Importance of tire rotation

An average interval of every 5K miles to 7K miles is the rule of thumb – whether your car is a 4WD, 2WD, or AWD. However, should AT LEAST one of these signals occur before that benchmark, you might have to service your car sooner than expected: 

Bald Tires

Inspect your tires closely. Bald spots mean no tire tread is visible – a clear sign that the car needs rotation or even tire replacements. Unless you want to bask in the hospital air like one of my friends in a minor car accident two years ago, do not put off this issue for too long.  

Steering Vibration

Does it feel like riding a giant roller coaster? I don’t know if there are any signals as OBVIOUS as that. Drive your car to Discount Tire auto care centers to fix the uneven tire wear! 

Car Pulling Sideway

Cars with even tire wear should stay straight regardless of your steering wheel movements or type of tires. Even the smallest curvature screams misalignment caused by jagged tread. 

Can You Rotate Tires On Your Own?

Sure, why not? And the steps and basic tools required are super straightforward, too: 

  • Step 1. Park the car on flat, then proceed to loosen the lug nuts. Turn each nut counter-clockwise till they feel looser. 
  • Step 2. Identify the car’s jack points (usually before or behind the tires, made of metal). Place a jack against that frame to lift the car, then use jack stands to pull the jack down. 

Use four stands in total, so that each tire will have one stand next to it. 

  • Step 3. Unscrew the nuts with a lug wrench, then pull off the tires and remove them completely.
  • Step 4. Check the manual or confirm the appropriate tire rotation pattern for your car with the tire manufacturer. Roll each tire to its new placement, then slide it directly onto the new well’s bolts. 
  • Step 5. Feed the nuts to the bolts’ ends, then turn each of them clockwise to get them tightened. Lastly, slowly lower the car to the ground.

And that’s it! You have rotated your tires successfully. Though the process is inevitably longer than at the shop – since you have to do each tire manually – it’s one of the best ways to cut the costs for tight-budget drivers. 

If only I had more free time in my schedule; then I would love to rotate the tires by myself, too!


Do Tires Need Balancing After A Rotation Cycle?

No. Tire balance is great, but it’s not always necessary.

Are Regular Tire Rotations Worth The Money?

Yes, every single penny. I cannot imagine a single car that can last long – or give you a safer driving experience – without rotations for tires. 


Discount Tire is not a brand with no flaws, but I can guarantee that its regular tire rotations are among the best car services in the field. I see no reason for you NOT to try it out! 

Write to me if you still have questions.

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