How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost At Jiffy Lube?

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Despite being a reputed car service for years, Jiffy Lube’s average pricing still leaves most novices in confusion, particularly regarding the cost of oil change and tire rotation there. So does Jiffy Lube do tire rotations? Yes.

As its devoted customer for years, I am glad to lend a helping hand with this issue. Keep scrolling through my insightful guide to learn more about and other relevant aspects. 

What is Jiffy Lube Rotate Tires Cost?

It charges customers around $40 for a regular 4-tire rotation. Considering other services tagging along with the rotation – not to mention Jiffy Lube’s expensive revenue renting fees – the cost is justifiable, to a certain extent. 

However, please note that the number above is just a rough calculation. As income rates vary across regions and states, so do Jiffy Lube’s charges in different branches. Hopefully, you can land on one that does not put any financial burden on your shoulders. 

Tire Rotation

If this service supplier does not hit the spot, here is a compiled list of similar auto services with comparable or lower costs than Jiffy Lube for your consideration:

Brand/Auto service centersRotation cost (per tire)
Firestone$20 (free for Firestone tires)
Pep Boys$14.99 (free for tires bought at Pep Boys)
Discount Tire$15 (free for tires bought at Discount Tire)
Valvoline$20 to $50
Costco$18 – $27
WalmartBasic: $5
Lifetime: $14
Jiffy Lube$10

How Is Tire Rotation At Jiffy Lube? Is It Worth A Shot?

Jiffy Lube car services

Jiffy Lube technicians around my neighborhood often start the process with basic tire pressure checks and inspections to confirm the tread wear depth on my tires. These rough assessments help determine whether rotations are enough for my tires, or if they might need complete replacements. 

Most of the time, it is the former – a cue for these professionals to rotate my tires right after the check-ups. Since I barely have any requirements for other services, the process only takes 40 minutes

Busier days at the shops (more customers are waitlisted than usual) extend the period for another 10 minutes, which is fine for me. 

Still, that is only my personal experience; I have not had any chance to check out Jiffy Lube branches from other areas. 

Certain complaints about the brand’s customer service DO float around review websites, though I guess such issues do not apply to every Jiffy shop. After all, its overall rating often falls around 3.9 stars (out of 5) – not half-bad compared to a sling of 1 star and 2 stars on the market. 

When Should You Have Your Tires Rotated At Jiffy Lube?

tire rotation

My car often shows clear symptoms of uneven tire wear after exceeding the 7000-mile benchmark. Similar problems also occur with my driver fellows, so in my opinion, an average interval of 5000 miles to 7000 miles will always keep your vehicle in safe territory.

Nevertheless, should signals of ill-rotated tires occur before that (which my old Jeep encounters often, being as outdated as it is), rotation services must be performed as soon as possible. At least once per month, check whether the following symptoms manifest on your car: 

Uneven Wear

Let me clarify: tread wear is normal for any car. Only total noobs would expect the tires to stay intact after traveling thousands of miles. However, uneven wear (in which certain tire spots wear down faster than others) is a different story. 

I did not dare leave my Jeep in the garage after signals of abnormal wear were spotted; my wife urged me to take it to auto shops right after I got off work.

Pressure Loss

Severe air loss implies one tire is subject to more pressure than others – a direct consequence of failed or uneven weight distribution. 

My Jeep front often bears more loads than the rear tires, for instance. Even the front right and left slightly differ from each other, too. 


The Jeep shaking and vibrating all the way to my workplace is a clear indicator of uneven tires. 

It only worsens on highways or at high speeds; my car almost crashed into a truck ahead. 

Gas Mileage

Even cars that show no signals above should still be put under a rotation if they have traveled far beyond 7000 miles. 

If I am not mistaken, most tire manufacturers offer car manuals with specific requirements mentioned regarding rotation intervals; double-check the vehicle manufacturer recommendations to ensure you do not miss out. 

Can You Rotate Tires Yourself to Save The Cost of Tire Rotation?

No, unless you are an advanced mechanic with some cards under your sleeves. Different car models call for different tire rotation patterns, something most average drivers know little about. 

Plus, the process is a pain without advanced equipment. I struggled for a day and a half and barely saw any progress. 

So, all in all, leave the matter to someone who knows what he is doing. 

What Are Other Car Services That Jiffy Lube Offers? 

Drivers without the need for regular tire rotation can still have their vehicles properly cared for at Jiffy Lube. Though not very often, I do drive here from time to time to have my Jeep upgraded with a wide range of  tire services and preventive maintenance tasks: 


What Happens If You Never Rotate Your Tires?

Accidents and collisions are only a matter of time. And if you are lucky enough not to have those disasters coming, repair fees might still give you quite a headache. 

How Long Can You Go Without Frequent Tire Rotation?

Six months (between 6000 miles and 8000 miles) are the longest stretch your car can suffer. Put off the tire rotation anywhere beyond 8000 miles, and you will push both you and your car in expected danger.


Jiffy Lube tire rotation turns out not as complicated as some novices make it out to be, and I hope my take on the Jiffy Lube tire rotation price can help lift off some clouds of confusion. If certain matters fail to be mentioned here – or should you wish for more clarifications on tire maintenance – I am all ears.

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