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Slash a tire is an action that people often think of when they want to get revenge on someone. In some dangerous situations, they are being chased by someone else. 

The process is quick and simple; you need to consider re-evaluating your intentions worth doing or not, preparing your plan, and anticipating the consequences. 

What Is Tire Slashing?

Tire slashing is the act of deflating tires by making a deep cut with a sharp object with bad intentions.

There is another way to deflate them without slashing. There is a valve to control airflow in and out; you can remove air from the tire by loosening the valve. Twist the valve stem with a tire valve tool to remove it, then all you need to do is wait for the air to come out entirely. 

It will take a few minutes to get it done. This method requires knowledge of parts of the tires to know where the valve stem is and what to do with it. So, slashing is still a quicker and easier way to get it deflated.

Why Do People Slash Tires?

Almost all cases are done on purpose for a variety of reasons. The most common motivation is to get back at someone because of conflicts in life leading to jealousy, hate, or anger.

There are also more serious cases that require this intentional act. One example is when you are being followed or chased by someone, and the only thing that works is to slash tires to restrict their movement, so you have more time to escape. 

Another situation is blowout prevention when your tire is so overinflated that you need to slash it to prevent an explosion and any unwanted accidents.

Matters To Be Concerned Before Slashing The Tires

Tires Are Robust And Durable

The materials are special and long-lasting, like natural and synthetic rubber, nylon, steel, silica, carbon black, polyester, etc. A tire can last for up to 10 years in normal condition. So, if you intend to slash it quietly and quickly, then you should consider the strategy to strike with a lot of force.

Tire Slashing Can Make A Loud Noise That Attracts Attention

A standard tire has air pressure inside, making a loud noise when released and catching attention. Due to the pressure balance when air comes with the slashing, the smaller the incision is, the louder the noise can be. A wider incision will be the key to lowering the noise to an acceptable level to solve this problem. 

The Repercussions May Include Jail Time Or Fines

Purposely slashing someone’s tires with no permission to do so is an act of vandalism and is considered a criminal offense. If you are caught, depending on the level of damage, the punishments can be fines, payment of damages, or it can even lead you to jail.

One more thing to remember: keep yourself safe. A highly pressured air released from the incision can injure your face, eyes, and ears if you place the tire near or directly to your face. That is not to mention the potential dangers of flying debris blowing out your face when you slash. So, try to keep a safe distance, or you can face away to one side when slashing.

How To Slash Tires Properly?

Tools Used To Slash Tires

Tools Used To Slash Tires

Pocket knife

A robust pocket knife with a foldable feature can be your best assistant. The blade is small but sharp enough to deal with hard materials. 

Kitchen Knife

You can rely on a kitchen knife for slashed tires because it is easy to find one in your house. Choose the one with a big and strong blade enough not to bend when penetrating the rubber. The only minus point is that it may draw attention if you use a big kitchen knife.

Screwdriver and Awl

If you cannot find a knife, then effective tools like screwdrivers and awls can help. The rubber is thick, so try to make an incision as deep and sharp as possible. The results of poking through the sidewalls to make the slit are as damaging as using a knife, but at a slower speed. 

How to Slash Tires?

You already have your slashing tool, like a sharp knife, in your hand, then move closer to the goal you aim at.

Aim for the Sidewall

People consider the weakest part of the tire is the area right next to the rim. Slashing this part requires force not as much as targeting the tread, as there is a steel belt right underneath the tread, making it harder to damage.

Slash with One Quick Strike

Get it done in one quick and forceful strike. After that, you must push the tool deeper with a lot of force, then pull it out immediately or pull it to the side to create an incision.

Using the pointed end instead of the whole blade is more effective because it focuses force onto a smaller surface area.

Ways to Protect Your Tires From Vandals

If you worry your tires will get slashed anytime soon, read these helpful methods below to have your own tire protection plan.

Count on CCTVs

Try to park near one of the CCTVs as much as possible. Look up the poles around your frequent parking lot to check if any CCTV is already installed. The presence of these surveillance cameras can help make the suspects wary if they have any intention toward your vehicle. 

Park in Public Places With A Lot Of People Around

If you park in public areas, choose to park in spaces with adequate lighting, CCTVs, and many people going around so that somebody will notice and help to warn if there is any act of vandalism. 

Set Alarms

Set alarms for your vehicle is a great way to keep it safe from thieves or potential vandals. Activate alarms when you exit your vehicle. If the alarm system detects anything wrong with the vehicle, like an open door or any physical impact, the lights flash, and the horn sounds for a warning. Some modern alarms also send a text message or alert to the owner’s smartphone.

Drive Carefully

Rough driving by road rage incidents can harm your vehicle, and one of the consequences is that you have to repair or change your tires sooner. Drive more carefully and be more responsible for your vehicle. That will make your vehicle more durable and be in good condition for a long time. 


How Much Time Does A Tire Need To Be Flat?

The amount of time it takes for a tire to flat relies on its size, the amount of air inside, and the puncture’s size.

For example, if the puncture is small, like being damaged by nails, it could take hours to deflate. If the puncture is large, like being slashed by a strong knife, the tire could deflate quickly within minutes.

Can A Slashed Tire Be Repaired?

A slashed one with a small puncture can be repaired with a tire patch, though it is quick, and you aren’t advised to continue using it for a long time. 

Once the vehicle tire is slashed, the sidewall is no longer in good condition, and it could lead to roadside accidents. The best way is to replace it with a new one.

Are Car Insurance Companies Responsible For Slashed Tires?

If you have comprehensive coverage, your car insurance will cover slashed tires for you, even one to all four, depending on the insurance policy of your insurance provider. 

How To Utilize Flat Tires?

Simple DIY things are the best idea if you want to utilize flat tires, such as a dog bed, garden chair, indoor ottoman, feeder pots, etc.


Slash tires seem to be a life hack, but remember to consider all the things mentioned above before you take action. No matter your intention, it is considered criminal mischief, so think carefully if you don’t want to end up being fined or in jail. 

If you have already made up your mind, then prepare a sharp tool, create a plan, follow the steps, practice, and do it. Remember that puncturing the tire sidewall works more effectively than targeting the tread.

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