Does Valvoline Rotate Tires? & How Much Does It Cost?

Does Valvoline Rotate Tires

Most quality automobile service centers in town offer complete tire rotation as part of their package – and Valvoline is not an exception. As one of its loyal customers in recent months, I have been pretty impressed with its quality and customer service.

This guide is a good starting place for those seeking decent tire rotation procedures at Valvoline. How much does Valvoline charge for a tire rotation? Is it worth the investment? Keep scrolling through my guide for more info. 

How Much Is A Tire Rotation At Valvoline?

In most places, Valvoline usually charges about $20 to $50. At this price range, is the quality worth the investment?

Retail Price

Compared to most auto service suppliers on the markey, Valvoline’s charges are reasonable and totally within their budget. However, one important thing to note: the price range may fluctuate across different car situations and even branches. 

  • Though $10 is the lowest point, it might gradually increase depending on the tire’s status and other requirements. 
  • Certain regions – with better living conditions and high average salaries – charge drivers more than $50 for tire rotation. Even though the charge is justified for some, other people might find $50 to be quite a stretch. 

Service Time

Given Valvoline’s high-performing workforce, it is unsurprising that the process takes much less time than auto services elsewhere. After barely 15 minutes, the car is properly rotated and runs as well as new. The last time I brought my Jeep there, I had to wait only 10 minutes for that service (of course, I had made an appointment beforehand).

A slight drawback: Valvoline branches in remote regions often experience downtime (their machines and equipment fail to work), which might take days to fix. For drivers living in such areas, it’s best to cal the staff first to check whether the tools are operational.


Fast working speed is one thing, but expertise is also critical. And thankfully, in this regard, Valvoline doesn’t disappoint. Its premium lift equipment is among the most impressive on the current market, which makes disengaging and re-attaching tires both easy and precise. 

And the physical capability of their experienced technicians is no joke; they lift 50 pounds as seamlessly as if it were a mere piece of candy. 

(Rumors have it that physique is one of Valvoline’s hiring criteria; whether true or false, it seems that story isn’t entirely baseless). 

Oil Change Cost At Valvoline

Certain customers do complain about the newly-hired staff, claiming these interns are ill-experienced. Personally, I have no problems with that: they are interns, after all. And not to mention, there have been no disastrous accidents so far; just give these men some time to learn and improve.

Customer Services

Here is where Valvoline sets itself apart from same-sector brands. The staff’s dedication, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes are the biggest reason people keep returning here. 

Free consultation sessions have been a norm here, where clients received lots of insightful and practical advice from the customer service specialists.


People might have mixed opinions about Valvoline’s charging, but I bet no one could say even one bad thing about the brand’s service; it’s among the best I have ever experienced. Give it a try, and you will never want to look elsewhere. 

Cost of Tire Rotation at Valvoline Comparison

Not every driver is willing to spend $50 for simple tasks like tire rotation, after all. 

But no worries; here are some of the better alternatives (in terms of competitive price only) from varied nationwide locations, which you can count on to save some pennies:

Brand/Auto service centersRotation cost (per tire)
Firestone$20 (free for Firestone tires)
Pep Boys$14.99 (free for tires bought at Pep Boys)
Discount Tire$15 (free for tires bought at Discount Tire)
Valvoline$20 to $50
Costco$18 – $27
WalmartBasic: $5
Lifetime: $14
Jiffy Lube$10

Sign That Your Car Needs Rotation

Benefits of tire rotation

When Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Every 5000 miles to 7000 miles is the safest range for me – although I must admit that sometimes, signals of ill-rotated tires arrive sooner than the 7000-mile benchmark. 

The best way to ensure your car is always properly maintained is to check for tell-tale signs at least once per week, listed as follows: 

Uneven Wear (Individual Tires)

Uneven wear on individual tires signifies either a lack of proper alignment or rotation. How to ascertain? 

In most cases, as the treads start wearing down, the horizontal bar will stoop lower and eventually press tight against the tread itself. Check both sides of the tire: if one tread bar (from one side) wears away faster than the remaining side, rotation issues are clearly at play.

Uneven Wear (From The Front to The Back)

Seasoned drivers also compare the wear rates of their cars’ back and front axles to ascertain whether its tires are ill-rotated. 

If there are palpable differences, technicians will help you switch their positions (back to front and vice versa) and even out these patterns.

Vibrations or Shimmying

A car in perfect condition should never experience any abnormal shimmying or vibrating. 

That’s how most drivers realize there’s something weird about their cars; even though the wobbles only occur at high speeds, such defects are still more than enough to throw the car out of line and inform drivers of possible rotation problems.

What Are Other Car Services At Valvoline Express Care?

During rotation, it doesn’t hurt to ask Valvoline technicians to service your car with other automotive maintenance upkeeps. Some of them include:

  • Cooling system service/ radiator service
  • Battery replacements
  • Engine lubricant/engine performance service
  • Transmission service
  • Windshield wiper replacements
  • Taillight/headlight replacement
  • Serpentine belt replacements
  • Air filter/air conditioning service
  • Fuel system/differential fluid service
  • Fluid replacement
  • Oil change service


Although Valvoline Inc. is definitely up there as my all-time favorite auto repair shop, the final choice is still yours; weigh your budgets and demands to single out the most suitable automotive service chain for your vehicle’s basic maintenance services.

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