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How do M+S tires affect car performance? Here is what you need to know about the M+S tires’ meaning, as well as their advantages, limitations in winter months, and how to choose them correctly. Let’s get started!

What Is M+S On Tires?

M+S stands for mud and snow. Certain all-weather tires have this marking on their sidewalls. It’s significant to note that neither testing nor accreditation is required to obtain the M+S label. The wheels are classified as M+S tires if the tread surface design has at least 25% free space (notches or grooves).

However, there are no promises regarding any performance possibilities. You may view the M+S moniker as more of a marketing word, although traction rating from tires of mud and snow is better than all-season or summer tires.

Snow And Mud Tires: Pros And Cons

M-S tire Pros And Cons

Now you know the M+S tire meaning. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Improved traction: M+S tires have deeper treads and broader channels than ordinary road tires, which enhances their ability to grip mud and packed snow.
  • Versatility: These vehicle tires are made to perform well in both wet and dry pavements, making them a smart choice for drivers living in regions where the weather can change quickly.


  • Less responsive handling: M+S tires may seem less responsive due to their tread pattern while cornering or making rapid moves on dry roads.
  • Shorter lifespan: Compared to other types of tires, M+S tires have a shorter lifespan because of their softer rubber compositions, which can wear out more quickly.

How To Choose Snow And Mud Tires

When you go tire buying, looking for the “M” and “S” initials on the tire sidewall might help you tell mud from snow designs. The symbol may be inscribed with the letters ” M+S,” “M&S,” “MS,” or any other variant of the letters “MS,” depending on the manufacturer.

Choose Snow And Mud Tires

Although this is a less well-known category, some vehicle manufacturers label their products as “mud and snow.” It indicates that the tire has been meticulously designed to offer the greatest level of control in muddy, icy, and snowy conditions. 

You may be confident that a tire has been made to provide the best possible control in a variety of severe conditions if you see these letters on it.

In terms of buying mud and snow tires, always select the right size designation for your car. Incorrectly sized tires typically degrade more quickly and could cause your automobile to experience mechanical issues. 

You can find the information to determine what size tires your car needs and the proper inflation level in the owner’s manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are M S Tires Same As All Season?

Yes. M+S tires are an all-season type of tire, but they are created to perform better in snowy, slushy, and mud conditions than typical standard tires. On the other hand, they might not serve as well as a standard all-season tire in different weather conditions.

Is M And S The Same As Winter Tires?

No. Winter terrain tires have been specifically created to offer extra grip in deep snow and in temperature grades below zero. 

Suppose you frequently drive in severe snow conditions at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius; you should get a set of decent winter tires. Meanwhile, mud and snow tires are better in light snow.

Are Michelin M&S Tires Good For Snow?

Yes. Michelin M+S tires are created with particular characteristics and aspect ratios, such as wider grooves, deeper treads, tire rubber compounds, etc. This makes them ideal for typical winter driving conditions.

The Bottom Line

Notice that M+S tires aren’t the same as true winter tires that can handle extreme conditions. Yet, they can still offer superior handling and snow traction in not-too-severe winter conditions than conventional tire models.

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