How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Cost? Price, Weight & Height

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Monster truck tire size contributes to its high price besides brand and material. The payoff is sometimes even higher than the premium products for other conventional road vehicles. 

The question for Monster truck enthusiasts is: How much budget should you save for this investment? Scroll down to discover a detailed buying guide for these special items. 

How Much Does A Monster Truck Tire Cost?

They are quite expensive tires, costing you from at least $500 for used items to a whopping $3,000 for new ones. It is worth noting that no qualified mechanics recommend replacing just one tire. So you’d better prepare from $2,000 to $12,000 for a whole set.

New Items

The price range for a single Monster truck tire runs from $1,500 to over $3,000, with some high-end ones going up to $6,000. The exact number depends on many variables such as size, tread pattern, material, manufacturer, etc. A trusted mechanic can give you an accurate estimate, but in general, it is never an economic investment.

You cannot go for an alternative type if you already have a Monster in the garage. As a solid base for 10,000-pound trucks, these items must have better load capacity and durability than any other options on the market.

Used Items

The average estimate for used items falls between $500 and $800. Contrary to other regular kinds of tires, you can benefit from its durable rubber compound and enjoy an extra period of use. A handed-down purchase saves you a significant amount, about 1/4 or even 1/2 compared to a new product. 

It would help if you went to professional riders who participate in Monster Jam OR similar intense sports to ask for a good deal. They often change tires for optimal performance, thus becoming a high-quality yet cheap supply for your vehicle.

New Vs. Used Items: What To Buy?

Every investment comes with pros and cons. For instance, the perfect condition of new tires leaves you peace of mind, but these products cost you an arm and a leg. In contrast, pre-owned ones may suffer from deterioration even though the tread depth still lasts for a long time.

Additionally, it is not easy to find a size that fits your Monster. You may pay extra for maintenance or replacement parts for smooth installation and operation.

Used tires decrease in condition but they still perform well
Used tires decrease in condition but they still perform well

Which option is right for you? Your experience and driving feeling have a lot to do with decision-making. If you are not qualified to inspect a tire, you should buy new items. This way, you do not have to worry about its quality and risks of danger.

Why Are Monster Jam Truck Tires Pricey?

Its Aggressive Specifications

The most obvious reason for the extravagant value of Monster truck tires comes from their unique features. The bulky and heavy appearance requires double effort for manufacturing and delivery, which adds to the final cost.

The exclusive materials used in the production are top-notch rubber compounds that pass the tests for long-term performance and durability. Manufacturers must also pay close attention to the extraordinary precision and power to meet the outcome standard and the customer needs.

Its Heavy-Duty Performance

From the powerful specifications above, it is easy to find that these tire types are responsible for heavy tasks. Vehicle owners buy them to surf the rough track conditions and sharp obstacles on their daily routes. V-shaped treads increase traction while durable materials withstand high pressures.

And such a performance will be never cheap!

Monster truck tires often appear in performance cars

The Shortage Of Supplies

Another contributor for the high price tag is the low-volume production. Though Monster truck racing is getting more and more attention, leading to increased demand, shopping for the right tires may drain your patience.

Only a handful of companies equip full sets of heavy machinery to serve the niche market. They do not carry out mass production, thus causing scarcity. 

Instead, most manufacturers use the MTO strategy (so-called “Make to Order”). Simply put, they only restart the production line after filling up the previous customer’s bills.

So Where Do Monster Jam Truck Drivers Get Their Tires?

Tire shops rarely display and stock these bulky items to meet your immediate needs. Experienced riders often search for products through online marketplaces. Several sites specialize in this type of tire, offering an extensive category of brands and sizes.

The best part is that these sites often deliver great deals, such as discounts, free delivery, or fast shipping. You are blessed to find whatever you need for your Monster and save considerable money.

Another available address is local communities where used goods are often on the shelves. Sellers exhibit their available options in showrooms or at seasonal events. However, be aware of the quality and the pricing to avoid scams. It is best to spend some time researching the Internet to find a reliable source.

Some Rare Trusted Brands For Official Monster Truck Tires


BKT Monster truck tires have been the go-to choice for Monster Jam vehicles since 204. However, this tendency faced strong opposition from fans as the manufacturer had never developed this specialized product line before. Its output also failed to meet the strict requirements of off-road races – thin surface, smooth cut, and lightweight increase the risk of a tire explosion. 

BKT later made modifications to reinforce the tire’s response to the dirt tracks or rough terrain. Unfortunately, their efforts have not yet been able to erase doubts about drivers’ durability and accident reduction.


This manufacturer was one of the first to lay the first brick for Monster truck tires. It entered the market in its early days and became a role model for latecomers.


Have you ever heard of Bigfoot – a market leader in the production of Monster trucks? An interesting fact is that most of its vehicles come with Firestone tires.

Firestone Tundra Alaska

Of course, you can look for retail products from this trusted tire brand. There is nothing to complain about due to its world-class quality. Firestone aims at meticulous tire design and thick tread material for added durability. This also results in good all-terrain traction.


The brand is well known for its sharp cuts, which contribute to sturdy and durable tires. Before BKT arrived, Ukraine won the favor of professional drivers and held a significant market share.



In fact, Marcher is not a manufacturer specializing in Monster truck tires; the Chinese manufacturer is better known for its industrial machine-built wheels. However, some of its large models (66 inches) include the QZ-702A, QZ-702C, and W-10A work out for aggressive vehicles. 


How Much Does A Monster Truck Tire Weigh?

These huge tires weigh 800 pounds (~4500 kgs) or more. The actual weight of each option varies based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Finding an accurate estimate is difficult because these tires are crafted.

How Big/Tall Are Monster Truck Tires?

They are one of the largest tires worldwide with 66 inches or 5.5 feet tall and 43 inches or 3.6 feet wide. Adults become small when standing next to them.

How Long Does Monster Truck Tire Last?

The lifespan of the Monster truck tire, even with high-quality rubber, highly depends on your usage, maintenance, and road conditions. 

If you do a proper routine, you can expect to take 3-5 years to wear down its solid tire treads. On the contrary, your items can become obsolete after only one year if the Monster truck owner does not do the upkeep correctly.

Are Tires For Monster Trucks Street Legal?

Unfortunately, NO. This is understandable as the bulky custom body frame never fits into traditional trucks and takes up a lot of space on the street. 

However, some sources say that you can make modifications to legalize these items. Refer to the local government and the truck manufacturer for specific solutions.


Many factors determine Monster truck tire costs, but it never comes cheap. You’d better prepare an extra fee for transportation as you have to put it inside a truck or on a trailer and get to your garage. 

In short, you cannot ignore these items when you have already shopped for an enormous vehicle. They provide the right features to get the most out of driving performance.

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