Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments? How Much Does It Cost?

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Walmart has been around for decades, never failing to impress novice drivers like me with inclusive automobile services. Sadly, such a sentiment no longer applies to wheel alignment in particular, as the brand just announced its discontinuance from 2023 onwards

For those who still wish to learn more about the Walmart alignment cost, no worries; you have come to the right place. Keep scrolling to learn more about the average price for car aligning. 

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments?

No, Walmart no longer offers wheel alignment services since 2022. At that time, the price would fluctuate between $50 (for two-wheel alignment) and $100 (for four wheels). Of course, other relevant types of service and fixes – if there are any – also have a say in the additional cost of wheel alignments.

These numbers fall around the market average cost and even stoop lower than some expensive rivals, which is why all drivers around my neighborhood feel saddened at its departure. 

Where Else Should I Get My Proper Alignment?

My frustration at Walmart’s decision did not stay around for long; many people have recommended to me a wide range of alternative service shops, with which I fell in love instantly. Though the number of promising service centers is abundant, these five names stay my all-time favorite: 

Firestone Complete Auto Care

firestone car service

The price range remains $95 for all types of alignment – whether it is two-wheeled or four-wheeled. 

Though that is certainly some bad news for my friend – a fan of two-wheeled service – I myself have no complaints. Four-wheel alignment has always been a part of my regular vehicle maintenance since forever, and at Firestone, I can have it done quickly at $5 cheaper than at Walmart. Not a bad deal, in all honesty. 

The brand also offers standard warranty policies that cover most of my requirements, including: 

  • Caster, camber, and toe adjustments according to my Jeep’s specifications
  • Inspect suspension and steering
  • Check and adjust the tire pressure
  • Print reports on wheel alignment
  • Perform valve stem installation
  • Test drive to check and verify complete services

As I have been a pretty loyal customer in recent months, Jeep also offers me to sign up for a lifetime warranty, which incorporates:

  • All road hazard warranty services from the standard package
  • Zero-cost tire realignment – guaranteed that I still own my Jeep. 

Goodyear Auto Service Tire Shop

Goodyear wows my fellows and me with four choices regarding alignment services. Browse through them to seize the best one:

  • Standard warranties for car alignment: $89 (for your info, my Jeep suits this one best). 
  • Standard warranties for truck and SUV alignment: $105
  • 3-year warranties for car alignments: $169
  • 3-year warranties for truck and SUV alignments: $189

Whether it is a foreign or domestic vehicle does not hold any significance; the price will always stay the same as listed above. 

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube car services

The brand charges about $89.99 (a little more than $90 in certain regions) per axle. A four-wheel alignment costs $179.98 in total. 

The somewhat pricey tag does not put me off; what irritates me more is the fact that not every Jiffy branch offers wheel alignment. To save you from wasted hours driving back and forth, I strongly suggest calling the staff beforehand or checking the official websites first. 

Just Tires

Just Tire

Just Tires charges quite similarly to Goodyear, though there are fewer choices to choose from:

  • Standard warranty (6 months) for four-wheel alignment: $120
  • Three-year warranty for four-wheel alignment: $189

With the latter option (three years), the auto technicians encourage me to drop by every six months for a quick alignment check. 

They also told me this warranty could be transferred once to the new owner of my car. As if I would trade my old but precious Jeep away for anything, but well, useful information nonetheless!

Sears Auto Center

Sears Auto Center

Like the other four options on the list, Sears is also slightly more expensive than Walmart auto care centers:

  • Four-wheel alignment on 6-month/6,000-mile warranty: $99.99
  • Zero mileage restriction: $129.99

Thankfully, Sears Auto does offer free wheel alignment checks to compensate for the costly repairs. I often schedule my appointments through phone calls or online.

Other Basic Auto Maintenance Services

Although not as highly acclaimed as my favorite brands, these names still make it out there in the field and deserve honorable spots on my list. Check out: 

Auto CenterAverage Price RangeWarranty Options
Pep Boys$99 to $1893000-mile12000-mile36000-mileUnlimited
Christian Bros$89.9836000-mile (3 years)
Les Schwab$109.99 (starting price)30-day
Mr. Tire$129 (4-wheel alignment)30-day

How Often Should You Get Wheel Alignments?

Every 5000 or 7000 miles (and anything between these two benchmarks) would be the safest bet. 

My Jeep has gone through quite a lot in these two years, and ignoring the wheel alignment schedule once has almost destroyed its tire installment. I never dare repeat that accident a second time. 

What Are Signs That Your Car Needs Tire Alignment?

Yes, I did say that every 5000 to 7000 miles should be the recommended interval. However, as old as it is, my Jeep sometimes shows misalignment symptoms even before it reaches 5000 miles, forcing me to drive to the auto shop earlier than expected.

Double-check whether that is your case, too. Such signals are: 

  • Off-center steering inputs
  • The rear wheels keep pulling to the side
  • Uneven tire wear and tread depth/Premature wear
  • Violent vibrations
  • The wheel angles are visibly odd

Is Two-Wheel or Four-Wheel Alignment Better?

A four-wheel vehicle alignment is always better, ensuring no possible mismatch has any room to flourish. Meanwhile, with rear-end or front-end alignment, you cannot completely rule out the possibility of odd side-tire angles.

Still, I do understand why front-wheel alignment packages are popular: their price is only half of the full-alignment options. Even I myself feel tempted at times, too. 

To avoid unnecessary budget burdens, I suggest handling the front tires first, before moving to the remaining tires in the next month.

What Happens If You Do Not Get Car Alignment?

As their alignment is severed, your misaligned wheels will start wearing down at inconsistent and uneven rates. 

Imagine driving out of your house every day on different-sized tires; they significantly hamper your steering control and increase the risks of unwanted collisions. Injuries (even death, I’m afraid) will be around the corner.

FAQs: Extra Questions Around Wheel Alignment

How Long Does A Proper Wheel Alignment Take? 

About 30 to 60 minutes. Fixing wheel misalignments at home or on your own will stretch that number to around 2 hours. 

Should I Get Tires Before or After Alignment? 

Both are alright; most experts agree that it does not matter and has no impact on the fuel efficiency or gas mileage. 


How much is a wheel alignment at Walmart auto care center? Though the answer to that question no longer matters – since Walmart auto centers have discontinued its tire alignment services – you can still find a lot of other informative insights in my article. 

Write to me if you still struggle to wrap your head around the labor cost, or encounter further dilemmas with bad wheel alignment and other alignment issues.

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