Do You Need Chains On All Four Tires? How Many Is Enough?

Do You Need Chains On All Four Tires How Many Is Enough?

A tire chain is no stranger to many drivers and automotive enthusiasts thanks to its widespread popularity and great functions. But do you need snow chains on all four tires? Stay tuned, and this article will help resolve your wonder. What Is A Tire Chain? Tire chains are the coverings placed on the wheel, created … Read more

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking & How To Fix It?

Why Is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking & How To Fix It?

Cars are equipped with a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) to guarantee the proper actions. When this system has strange things, the blinking tire pressure light is the signal to alert users that there are some issues with the vehicle’s tire. You can check the reasons below carefully and find a suitable solution for your … Read more

What Should My Tire Pressure Be? Normal PSI for Honda Tires

What Should My Tire Pressure Be

Tire pressure is an important matter related to tire life, performance, and latent risks to your everyday driving safety. Knowing the correct pressure can help you avoid any danger while traveling and be aware of over or underinflated conditions. What PSI Should My Tires Be? The ideal pressure is the optimal rate set by the … Read more

10-Ply vs 12-Ply Tires Load Rating: The Difference Between

10-Ply vs 12-Ply

Choosing the right tires is important because they impact the car’s overall performance and safety. The choice of tires should be appropriate for the conditions under which the vehicle will be used. Two typical tire varieties are 10-ply and 12-ply tires. You should be aware of the standard tire size for your car to select … Read more

Why Does My Tire Keep Losing Air, But No Leak Found?

Tire Keep Losing Air

Does your tire keep losing air? When they experience their vehicles, especially brands of cars. There are many possible reasons for this situation that no one can ignore if they want to maintain the lifecycle of their vehicles better. This article can provide tips for people to tackle this issue. Why Does My Tire Keep … Read more

How Close To A Sidewall Can A Tire be Patched? Repair Tips

how close to sidewall can a tire be patched

What Is A Tire Patch? You can patch your flat tires when they get punctured. More specifically, the patch is a piece of rubber with an adhesive back stuck onto a tire’s internal parts.  Hence, it is solid and endurable over time, lasting up to ten years if you install it properly and maintain your … Read more

How Long Does A Tire Plug Last? Installation Tips

how long does a tire plug last

A tire plug is no stranger to many drivers whenever their car wheels encounter problems, especially a puncture. Yet can you drive on the highway with a plugged tire? Explore the answer in this article. What Is A Tire Plug? A plug is fabricated from many strips of leather, and its main component is a … Read more

How Much Do Tires Weigh? Average Truck/SUV Tire Weigh

how much does a tire weigh

If you’ve ever lifted a tire, you’ve probably noticed that it’s rather heavy. But do you know the exact weight of a tire? This post will take a deeper look at the numerous basic components influencing tire heaviness. We can also advise you on the average tire weight of common tires on the market. If … Read more

Tire Damage From Hitting Curb – 3 Things Need To Check

tire damage from hitting curb

Many drivers often experience accidents such as hitting the curb while driving, which leads to a lot of damage that reduces tire life or structural damage. The consequences of these collisions can make your tires more prone to wear, bend, deflate, and unsafe on the road. This article is a valuable resource for you to … Read more